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22 ways of looking at a bright future for the city.
16 smart stories introducing innovative projects.
6 user stories sharing the experiences of residents of Amsterdam.
230+ more projects on our online community platform.
1 opportunity for you be part of it!
Solar Coalition
Can you break up with your car?
Mobility as a Service (MaaS) offers transportation as a service, instead of a possession.
Smart Kids Lab
Measure water, noise, air, soil and light with self-made instruments
Bright minds, bright future
Smart City Academy
Invasion of the worms
Designing outdoor furniture for composting organic waste. A circular city made possible by worms!
Share the Power
Meet Jouliette
Trash for Treasure
Zero Waste Lab is the place for local social & circular innovation. Residents exchange separated waste for (recycled) value coins. Easy, fun, and valuable!
Baby you can charge my car!
Run, run, run!
Make your city!
Designathon: Where children design better futures!
Building our future together
Dutch Smart City Strategy
In cold blood
Smart cooling and heating
Go with the flow
Mobility Portal
Urban data safari
The MijnPark app collects information about how people perceive urban green spaces to help ensure that parks remain attractive.
Game on
...and off
...and on again
Stadium powered by used car batteries
Designing Responsible Cities
Smart supply, Sustainable science
Logistics Hub
Living off the grid
Being self-sufficient: producing, storing and sharing energy with your neighbors in Amsterdam Nieuw-West.
Beat the waste
The circular festival solution
Who makes the city?
The festival that makes cities better
Talk of the Town
Discuss the impacts of emerging technologies
If you look on your right...
Self-guided Innovation Tour