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Amsterdam Smart City (ASC) is your innovation platform for a future-proof and livable city! ASC is constantly challenging businesses, citizens, the municipalities and knowledge institutions to come up with and apply innovative solutions for urban issues.

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Discuss the impacts of emerging technologies

The rise of the smart city comes with a seemingly endless array of possibilities, but is also accompanied by uncertainties, dilemmas and concerns. All parties should be in this debate, but there are many questions how to engage (all of) them effectively. There is a need for new methods to discuss the impacts of emerging technologies, engaging a variety of people and perspectives.

NEMO City Lab is a new public engagement and research program that allows citizens to discuss the impact of (Smart City) technologies and co-create responsible future scenario`s for the grand challenges that cities face. We connect stakeholders such as living labs, municipalities, businesses and scientists to citizens in meaningful dialogues and co-creation.
We develop formats that allow for inclusive and broadly accessible engagement.

NEMO Science Museum functions as a platform for inclusive deliberation and co-creation.
Our academic partners use action based research in combination with speculative design approaches to develop new forms of public and stakeholder engagement.
We combine research insights with long standing traditions of NEMO in science communication and education. This leads to programs that offer both serious fun and meaningful engagement.  

Over 660.000 people visit the NEMO Science Museum every year. NEMO Kennislink reaches over 3 million annual visitors online.
EU partnerships
We are looking for partners in H2020 / FP9  calls with a focus on public engagement in science and technology and responsible research and innovation.
Responsible Smart Cities development through true inclusive dialogue and co-creation with citizens and stakeholders. Scaling up NEMO City Lab programs and impact through EU partnerships.  
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We might be in your neighbourhood soon! Or sign up for our ‘burgerpanel’ and think along about the role of technologies in the city:
Giovanni Stijnen
Organisatie NEMO Kennislink
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AMS – Institute / VU Athena Institute / TU Delft Museumfutures Lab / Amsterdam Smart City