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Amsterdam Smart City (ASC) is your innovation platform for a future-proof and livable city! ASC is constantly challenging businesses, citizens, the municipalities and knowledge institutions to come up with and apply innovative solutions for urban issues.

Join our community of innovators, 4000+ members, and check out what’s going on and how you can be part of it!
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The festival that makes cities better

WeMakeThe.City is the festival that makes cities better. Five days in a row we tackle urgent everyday challenges that the urban environment faces, together with the audience and experts, across different locations in the Amsterdam metropolitan area. It promises to be an attractive and active weekend program for a wide audience. Not only for Amsterdam and the metropolitan area but also for European cities and the rest of the world!

Last year, Amsterdam was chosen as the European Capital of Innovation 2016 & 2017. The main reason for winning this award is the way Amsterdam approaches innovation as a societal challenge. A challenge which requires good collaboration between the municipality, knowledge institutions, businesses and industry and residents.

This ‘Amsterdam approach’ is the starting point for the international five-day festival. First, we shape our cities. Then, our cities shape us. The places we work and live in have a great influence on us. Through these places we influence the city. Worldwide, the urban population is growing fast. The city attracts, seduces, connects and makes us creative. But the city also has the power to divide, pollute and exhaust. The urban environment poses challenging questions.

First, we shape our cities. Then, our cities shape us.

WeMakeThe.City is created by residents, businesses, scientists, specialists, directors, but also by designers, artists, tech start-ups, social organizations and local and regional initiatives. The festival brings together all questions, creative minds and thinkers: the audience and the geeks. You can expect everything that inspires new ideas and insights. There will be lectures, film screenings, expositions, performances, urban expeditions, games, workshops, expert meetings, conversations, labs and maker spaces, at numerous locations across the city of Amsterdam and the metropolitan region. Something for everybody!

Join us in the development of WeMakeThe.City!
Wednesday 20th to Sunday 24th of June 2018
Egbert Fransen
Partners involved in this project:
Gemeente Amsterdam / Pakhuis de Zwijger / Waag Society  / Amsterdam Economic Board / Amsterdam Smart City / Startup Amsterdam / Amsterdam Marketing / Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions
Pakhuis de Zwijger