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The circular festival solution

DGTL is a yearly returning electronic music festival with around 40.000 visitors and a high focus on sustainability. DGTL has the ambition to be completely circular in 2020.

Our visitors mostly care about having a great time and a great line-up. However, we wanted the environment to be an important part of the DGTL festival. The next generation of festivals should be as sustainable as possible. We are constantly developing new solutions to realize this.

To meet this goal, we make fundamental changes to our festival set-up and in our day-to-day activities. Throughout the year, we search for the newest technological innovations and projects to help us reduce waste, lower CO2 emissions and increase awareness about sustainability. For instance, DGTL is completely meat free, we have a circular food system, recover phosphate from urine, there is a smart energy plan, and more!

Each year 40.000 visitors of the festival DGTL will become more aware of environmental issues!
Next Step
We are a few steps away from closing most of our cycles and being a circular festival. One challenge that remains is reducing our carbon footprint. For the coming year, one of the main objectives is to cut carbon emissions coming from transportation of artists, visitors and our suppliers. Furthermore, next to optimising our circular model, we opt to spread our knowledge across the events industry and increase global awareness of environmental issues.
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During DGTL, you can subscribe for backstage tours and get a sneak peek into the sustainability measures taken.
Xander Kotvis
Revolution Manager DGTL
Partners involved in this project:
DGTL / Apekooi Events / City of Amsterdam