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Living off the grid
City-zen Virtual Power Plant
Tom van Arman
Founder & Director of Tapp
Producing, storing and sharing energy with your neighbors in Amsterdam Nieuw-West.
How were you involved?

"In April, we installed 12 solar panels on the roof of our family home in Amsterdam Nieuw-West. This suddenly meant that we became eligible to participate in the City-zen pilot to transform our home into a Virtual Power Plant."

Can you share an experience?

"Thanks to the beautifully designed online and mobile apps we can teach our kids how much energy we are producing, consuming and storing every day, week and month. Being early adopters we are proud to say that we are preparing our kids to be the first ‘energy independent generation’."

Why is this interesting?

"I constantly use my family’s home as a laboratory for smart energy experiments. Home batteries are now affordable and accessible, they are becoming a key solution in accelerating the future of flexible energy. The best part is that partner Greenspead gave participants the battery free to use during this pilot!"

What is the next step?

"Once home energy storage is proven to be functional and viable, the obvious next step will be for homeowners to start selling their locally stored and produced energy directly to their neighbors, friends, schools, shops etc as an exchange (or online energy brokerage). Energy will then become a new currency."

Ins & outs
Follow the latest developments on the community:
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Find more information on the City-zen website:
To see the battery or real-time dashboards feel free to contact me.

Tom van Arman
Founder & Director of Tapp - smart city prototypes
Partners involved in this project:
Alliander / Greenspread / EXE
Tom van Arman / Greenspread