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Designing Responsible Cities
We present to you: the Tada Manifesto. Together with several partners, the Amsterdam Economic Board launched the manifesto offering six starting points for the design of a responsible digital city.

Which six principles?
  1. Inclusive: Our digital city is for everyone.
  2. Control: People are in control of their data.
  3. Humans always come first.
  4. Legitimate and monitored: Users have control over the design of our digital city. The social consequences are closely monitored.
  5. Open & Transparent: Data and the reasons for gathering it are available for everybody.
  6. FROM EVERYONE – FOR EVERYONE: Data is a common asset. Clear guidelines are established by us all.

Technology and data can be used to make our cities greener and more livable, healthcare more effective and education more accessible. There are however some important questions for government, businesses, research and education. Will everybody benefit equally from the digital city? Who owns the data? And can algorithms be controlled?

The Amsterdam Economic Board organized design sessions with a broad range of stakeholders such as philosophers, citizen initiatives and knowledge and technology partners. During these design sessions, we discussed the future of the digital city. Then events and campaigning was started to stimulate implementation of the principles.

"Transparency, accountability and ethics could be promising design-principles. Clarity about data can also be a major driving force for business and reputation."
Franc Weerwind
Mayor City of Almere and member
of the Amsterdam Economic Board

The manifesto, published last year, has been adopted by the municipality’s coalition parties. Meanwhile, many companies and citizens pledge to follow the manifesto’s guidelines for a digital city. Now, You can use the manifesto too!

Sign the manifesto online, send it to your friends and colleagues and let us know what you are doing the make the manifesto real.
Next step
In 2019 we will develop Tada as a brand and platform for discussion on the digital city, with regular meetups, best practices and online presence. In order to create momentum for new projects, pilots and innovation.

We invite the people to come up with solutions to implement the manifesto. Implementations of this will again be shown at the WeMakeThe.City festival in June 2019.
Use the manifesto at!
"In 15 years' time, I want to be able to explain to my son what we did to keep artificial intelligence understandable, so that his generation will also have control over the systems that then make decisions."
Jim Stolze
Co-founder of Aigency
Partners involved in this project:
Waag Society / Gemeente Amsterdam / Schluss / HvA / CIOnet
Amsterdam Economic Board