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Urban data safari
The MijnPark app collects information about how people perceive urban green spaces to help ensure that parks remain attractive.
Bep Schrammeijer
PhD Candidate, Institute for Environmental Studies, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Sense the Rembrandtpark and inform renovations
How did this project come to life?

"This project is part of LandSense which is about crowdsourcing data to monitor landscape change. Green urban areas are becoming increasingly important and we want to find out how to measure their quality by asking park users themselves."

What were people’s experiences?

"Some people really enjoyed the app and giving their opinion in this way, other people wanted more space to say what they think."

Why was this project set up?

"This year was a pilot in the Rembrandtpark, which is due for renovations. We wanted to test the concept that such information can be collected with new technologies and can help inform spatial planning processes."

Can you share an experience with us?

"I also did interviews in the park to be able to test whether the app respondents and their opinions are representative of Rembrandtpark users. From this it seems that some people are still distrustful of such technologies, and/or think that it will not have any effect on decision making."

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How do we use green spaces in the city?
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Next step
The next step is to refine this concept, hopefully also making it more inclusive for less digitally minded park users, and expand it to more green spaces. The aim is to develop a tool that can be used by spatial planners to measure the ‘quality’ of green spaces.
Bep Schrammeijer
"It is nice – it’s a kind of treasure-hunt"
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Partners involved in this project:
The Institute for Environmental Studies (IVM) / Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam / LandSense / City of Amsterdam
Bep Schrammeijer