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Beat the waste
Dance your way into the small circular city called DGTL. A yearly returning electronic music festival with a high focus on sustainability and the ambition to be completely circular in 2020.
Milan Meyberg
Revolution manager DGTL
DGTL is a yearly returning electronic music festival with around 40.000 visitors and a high focus on sustainability. DGTL has the ambition to be completely circular in 2020.
Why a sustainable festival?

"Our visitors mostly care about having a great time and a great line-up. However, we wanted the environment to be an important part of the DGTL festival. The next generation of festivals should be as sustainable as possible. We are constantly developing new solutions to realize this."

Can you share an experience?

"We decided to become a vegetarian festival, there were some mixed reactions to that. Some people prefer a hamburger! When we explain the impact of meat consumption on the environment most of them realize that it is better to eat less meat."

What is in it for the visitors?

"The general response to our sustainability effort is really positive. People experience a cleaner festival as a better festival and are aware of the fact that they have to change their attitude. Our festival makes them a part of that change. We often compare our festival to a small city. For one weekend, we have the same challenges a city faces. We are basically a testing ground for the principles of circularity."

What is your next move?

"The principles of circularity could work at other Dutch festivals as well, we hope to inspire them to become circular. Besides that, we also organize festivals in Barcelona, Sao Paulo and Tel Aviv. We take our lessons learned to these countries and present them with our solutions. With this approach, we facilitate a transition towards a circular economy."

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What are the circular components of DGTL?
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Milan Meyberg
Revolution Manager DGTL
Partners involved in this project:
DGTL / Apekooi Events / City of Amsterdam