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Mobility Portal

The Mobility Portal lets you check out your travel options, compare them to alternatives and book them in real time. Besides that, the portal offers reliable information on all modes of transport and the situation on the road.
The portal was created to reduce traffic jams during peak hours and to help citizens make smarter and more sustainable choices about their transportation. The next step is to have companies work with a mobility budget as a means of transportation for their employees.

Yearly, over 40 events are hosted in the Johan Cruijff ArenA where an average of 50.000 people visit the stadium each time. Between 30% and 50% travel by car which has a huge impact on the road network and causes congestion. To relieve the road network and to provide a better service to customers, the Mobility Portal was created.

We provide a platform which collects information and data on all kinds of transportation which is unique. Everybody can find the same information on the platform but you can also get personalized advice on the best way for you to travel to a venue. It shows travel time by car and public transport so you can make the best choice which is most convenient in travel time as well. And the mobility portal informs you real time about traffic jams, parking options and even available parking spaces. Last but not least it does the same for taxi’s and you can even book a hotel.

Visitors that requested travel information using the Mobility Portal, had a better travel experience and helped reduce traffic jams.
Next step
The Mobility Portal is already active for the Johan Cruijff ArenA. We are working towards connecting more venues and areas to the Mobility Portal, so they can also benefit of this mobility solution!
Are you looking for a smart solution to suit your guests or employee’s mobility needs? Check out the Mobility Portal for more information on our service and options.
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Want to try it yourself?
Go to  or the (ArenA/Ajax) website or app and find your personalized way to us!
Maurits van Hövell
Consultant Mobility and Environment Johan Cruijff ArenA
"With the Mobility Portal you only need one place to decide how to get to the ArenA in a fast, convenient way based on real time insights, it’s a great tool!"
Maurits van Hövell
Consultant Mobility and Environment Johan Cruijff ArenA
Partners involved in this project:
Johan Cruijff ArenA / BeSite / City of Amsterdam