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Smart cooling and heating

City-zen partners blood bank Sanquin and water company Waternet join efforts to use the cold from the public drinking water infrastructure for cooling the bloodbank.

In the transition towards clean energy, we are looking for ways to heat and cool buildings and operations in a sustainable way. Thermal energy from drinking water (TED) is an interesting sustainable alternative for companies or organizations with a large cooling demand.

Additional benefit
As a result of the extraction of the cold, the temperature of the drinking water infrastructure rises slightly which means end-users need less energy to heat water. Win-win!

During cold periods the temperature of drinking water also drops. This creates an abundance of cold energy which can be extracted and either used directly in Sanquin’s blood banks to keep the blood chilled or stored in an underground storage facility. The cold that is extracted from the drinking water is used in the pharmaceutical process. In turn this helps warm up the temperature of the drinking water which is beneficial for the people using the water.

The annual energy yield for the first years is expected to be 20.000 gigajoule, which equals the annual power consumption of about 1.800 households. In the future, this is expected to grow towards 40.000 gigajoule a year.
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City-zen is also working on ‘Residential cooling of buildings in the Houthavens’
Interested to know more about smart cooling possibilities for your company or organization? Contact us!

Marjolein Bot
Coordinator Energy Transition at City-zen
Partners involved in this project:
City-zen / Waternet / Sanquin