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Dutch Smart City Strategy

A large number of Dutch cities, companies and scientists have contributed to the National Smart City Strategy. In 2017, the Strategy was presented to Prime Minister Mark Rutte, who had requested a consolidated Smart City Vision. The G5 of the Netherlands (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht and Eindhoven) and the G32 (middle to large sized Dutch towns) are keen to take a leading role and have asked the central government in The Hague for support.

The National Smart City Strategy aims to improve the overall quality of life in Dutch cities and introduce innovative solutions to increase our international competitive strength. As Dutch towns and cities are expanding and the pressure on public services and infrastructure increases, it is vital to take action now.
The cities involved agree that investment in smart technology is necessary to respond to these major social challenges. It can potentially also contribute to the economic vitality.
The contributors of the National Smart City Strategy perceive a great need for high-end digital infrastructure and room to experiment. This will allow pilot programs to develop into large-scale projects across a range of different areas. These include mobility and accessibility of cities, sustainable and low-energy homes and buildings, improvements of air quality and smart, healthy urbanization.

"The joint Smart City Strategy is a key requirement to be able to move forward. The cities will build on their own strength and the need to draw up joint investment agendas. Cities and towns, businesses, research institutes and Central Government will have to work together to contribute to the economic growth, prosperity and quality of life in our cities, benefiting residents, visitors and businesses."
Ingrid van Engelshoven
Former deputy mayor
Portfolio Holder for Knowledge Economy, International Relations, Education and Youth

The associated cities facilitate experiments working on innovative solutions to urban challenges which can be replicated by other cities. Working on a larger scale will also provide better business cases and a more attractive investment climate.
It is important that cities are prepared to work together with other cities as well as with governments, businesses, knowledge institutes and citizens. Besides this the associated cities aim to step up their international collaborations as well, for instance during the Smart City World Expo in Barcelona in November each year.

"The National Smart City Strategy offers real solutions to real problems, which can be applied not only in the Netherlands but worldwide."
Maurice Geraets
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Download the Smart City Strategy and read all about the plans.
"Together cities are stronger. The Smart City Strategy offers an effective platform to organize partnerships and address the challenges of our times."
Dennis Mica
Partners involved in this project:
Amsterdam / Rotterdam / The Hague / Utrecht / Eindhoven / G32 / GSC3 / RVO
Institute for Future of Living