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Make your city!
Designathon: Where children design better futures!
Emer Beamer
Initiator Designathon
Amsterdammers, Maak je Stad!
Amsterdammers, Make Your City! is an accelerator program for social innovation initiatives working towards a healthy and talented city. 37 initiatives were selected from nearly 500 applications. During six months they were offered workshops and expert coaching to achieve their learning goals and accelerate the development of their projects. One of the selected initiatives is the Designathon.
How did you become involved?

"When we saw the campaign we immediately thought ‘Maak je Stad’, that's something we should make sure children are part of. We strongly believe that children should be co-designers of the future and our cities."

What is the next step?

"The next step for us is the yearly Global Children's Designathon in November 2018. We will be in live connection with children in 30 other cities around the world from the OBA in Amsterdam with many children to join this huge event."

"Together with 50 children we will design solutions for deforestation and air pollution. The 3 best designs will be presented in a book with the 3 best designs from all over the world. Taking place in the expert panel this year we have Marjolein Moorman, education lawmaker of the City of Amsterdam and the creative director of Tony Chocolonely and the Child director of the OBA."

Why is this program interesting for the Designathon?

"Maak je Stad is a great program because it brings like-minded but different theme driven people and organizations together. We have already made contact with many other organizations that we hope to work with in the future."

"I always wanted to become an inventor. I always think a lot about solutions that could make the world better. This is a good opportunity to do something with my ideas!"
10 years old
Global Children’s Designathon, November 11th 2017
A day dedicated to celebrating what the world could be like when children design better futures using new technologies.
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Looking at the city from a girl’s perspective
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Partners involved in this project:
City of Amsterdam / Pakhuis de Zwijger / Kennisland / Waag Society / Amsterdam Economic Board / Amsterdam Smart City / Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions
Designathon / Pakhuis de Zwijger