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Baby you can charge my car!
Will the car power our lives?

Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) is a concept originally developed in Japan to provide people with electricity from their electric car during a power outage.
NewMotion, Enervalis, MagnumCap, Alliander, Buurauto and Amsterdam Smart City, joined forces to investigate whether or not this clean energy storing solution could be interesting for us as well. During a real-life pilot, the V2G technology was tested and several hypotheses were explored in regards to determine the value of this technology.

The supply of solar power is growing rapidly. Great news, because our daily energy consumption is increasing as well! However, we could benefit from this growing supply even more if we were able to store the generated electricity in times of overproduction. Electric vehicles offer great storage potential and are readily available.

V2G technology – bidirectional charging - enables electric cars to be used as (temporary) batteries, for example to power buildings. Additionally, by combining multiple batteries, accumulated capacity can become large enough to trade energy on the wholesale markets or to effectively prevent unbalance in the electricity grid.

Next steps
There is a long way to go before the V2G solution can be used by you or your surroundings. Facility managers and fleet owners will keep their sensors on high alert for developments. Possible V2G developments could be Vehicle to Office. A V2G proposition that could be very interesting for companies and organizations with a large EV fleet. Imagine what large scale that would mean!
Join us during a the City-Zen days. Amsterdam invites you to experience the heart of its energy transition from 1 - 3 April 2019.
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Partners involved in this project:
Alliander / NewMotion / Enervalis / MagnumCap / Buurauto / Amsterdam Smart City