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Meet Jouliette

A blockchain based renewable energy sharing token was launched at De Ceuvel in Amsterdam (an experimental playground for innovation and creativity). The token, named ‘Jouliette’, aims to empower individuals and communities to easily manage and share their locally produced, renewable energy.

The project aims to become a landmark example of how to use the capabilities of blockchain technology. The initiators want to create greater social value and support a bottom-up transition towards a more distributed, and transparent economy, underpinned by 100% renewable energy.

Via the interface users can select which wallet they want to send Jouliettes to. Transactions are then automatically validated and displayed on the blockchain explorer. Beyond manual transactions, the Jouliette platform also supports user configurable automated trading functions.

The real-time power flow is displayed on a touchscreen in café De Ceuvel, inspiring thousands of people every year!
Next step
De Ceuvel community and Jouliette system developers are working on integrating new features and applications, such as local time banking and car sharing.
The Jouliette is created for communities in Buiksloterham, and hopefully beyond this area.
Want to try it yourself?
Check the real-time flow of electricity at the Ceuvel.
"The Jouliette and its associated broader applications represent an important step forward towards realizing a local, circular, resource-based economy."
Philip Gladek
CEO Spectral
Partners involved in this project:
Spectral / Alliander / De Ceuvel
Spectral / De Ceuvel