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Invasion of the worms
Designing outdoor furniture for composting organic waste. A circular city made possible by worms!
Rowin Snijder
Initiator and designer of neighbourhood worm hotels
Le Compostier designs furnitures that enable composting organic wastein the city with minimal loss of space.
How did you get involved in this project?

"The garden of my new house was completely tiled and I wanted to make a green space. When I saw how much fun it is to make vermicompost in the city I started looking for ways to inspire more people to do the same."

Can you share a concrete experience with us?

"I was told by some of the participants that they started eating more healthy food after taking part in the project; they wanted to have leftovers for the worms and chose to buy fresh vegetables and fruits instead of eating processed foods."

Are there benefits for you?

"In Amsterdam green waste is not collected in a sustainable way. It is such a pleasure to see so many people excited to start composting and use their organic waste for the benefit of their environment and grow stronger communities."

What is missing in the project?

"It still takes too much effort for residents to get approval from the city to place a worm hotel. If the city would make it easier, the worm hotel network would grow faster and we could show the impact of urban composting on our city."

Want to try it yourself?
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Partners involved in this project:
Kaskantine / the City of Amsterdam / the City of Diemen / the City of Amstelveen / StadsOogst Compost Coöperation
Le Compostier