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Smart City Academy

The Smart City Academy was initiated by Amsterdam Smart City to encourage projects contributing to a smart, livable future for the city. The Smart City Academy develops knowledge about organizing smart city projects and shares this knowledge to help the smart city professional with their project development.

Over the past few years, Amsterdam citizens have produced many smart city solutions. For some, it turned out to be a challenge to scale up to the next stage. Making a smart city solution successful is not only about developing and applying technologies, it also requires networking and management skills. That is where the Smart City Academy can offer support.

The Smart City Academy contributes to smart city knowledge by gathering information and by researching the impact and conditions of projects on four topics: data, upscaling, business models and user involvement. A team of professors, teachers and students studies the initiation, management, collaboration and scaling of smart city projects. We share these results by organizing events and masterclasses, developing smart city tools and methodologies and by making research and outcomes accessible to everybody.

We have set up a page for gathering and sharing knowledge on the Amsterdam Smart City platform
You can view masterclasses, webinars and research results focused on smart cities there as well. An extensive report containing an evaluation of projects in Amsterdam was created.
Report: Organizing Smart City Projects, lessons from Amsterdam
Next step
We will continue developing masterclasses and practical tools on the four topics of the Academy:
  1. data
  2. upscaling
  3. business models
  4. user involvement
We are also developing a minor track within de university of applied science.
We are looking for partners who can develop master classes with us. Are you the partner we are looking for? Please contact us for more information!
Want to try it yourself?
Are you working on a Smart City project? Please share your knowledge in the Academy section, under ‘Research and theses’.
"When initiating Smarter Bendigo, we looked at what other cities were doing. We found a very informative report on all aspects of Smart Amsterdam. We used this report extensively during our design thinking and approach in the developing stage of Smarter Bendigo. The report was invaluable in understanding how we approach measuring our activities and instructional in providing us with the confidence to obtain our own independent evaluators. And it was successful, we are now partnering with Deakin University and LaTrobe University in Victoria, Australia."
Glenn Pomeroy
Director - Smarter Bendigo
Partners involved in this project:
Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS/HvA)
Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences / Pixabay