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Can you break up with your car?
Mobility as a Service (MaaS) offers transportation as a service, instead of a possession.
Jordi Moonen
Manager Backwerk and particpant MaaS Challenge
Mobility as a service is personal mobility, on demand and focuses on the use of transportation instead of the possession.
How did you get involved in this project?

"As an employee working at the business district Zuidas, the City of Amsterdam gave me the opportunity to join the  ‘Mobility as a Service Challenge’. They challenged me to leave my car at home for a month and use public transportation, taxi’s and rental cars only. The challenge has turned into a competition amongst my colleagues which is really nice, everybody wants to save as much time and money as possible!"

Can you share a concrete experience with us?

"Last week I had a meeting in the center of Amsterdam. When I arrived at train station Zuid, Google showed me that there were massive traffic jams in the city center (like always) so Uber was not an option. The tram wouldn’t stop anywhere near my destination so I decided to rent a bike (OV fiets). Within 10 minutes I reached my destination. If I had gone there by car it would have taken me a lot longer to get there and it would have been more expensive as well!"

Are there benefits for you?

"I joined the project to challenge myself. I am so used to driving my car to work, but I do really believe in public transportation. Besides that, I think sustainability is very important and I would like to contribute to that."

What could be improved in this project?

"It’s not easy to not use your car. Public transportation can take more time and you have to plan ahead. But we have to do something about sustainability and congestion. It would be great if more people get a chance to join a challenge like this."

Ins & outs
This challenge is part of the Smart Mobility Action Plan of the City of Amsterdam.
Were participants challenged to change their mobility patterns?
Read in it in the evaluation!
The success of the MaaS Experience and the challenges in the Amsterdam business district have led to two follow-up projects:

MaaS pilot Amsterdam Zuid-As (in Dutch)

Reisproef: In October and November 2018, 100 citizens of Amsterdam travel without their own cars and use of other transport methods, such as public transport, shared scooters, taxi’s and Uber. Read how they experience Mobility as a Service (in Dutch)
Tijs Roelofs
Smart Mobility Manager at City of Amsterdam
Partners involved in this project:
City of Amsterdam / Arcadis / Green Business Club Zuidas
Green Business Club Zuidas / City of Amsterdam