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You won’t be surprised to know that Amsterdam counts a lot of roofs. You might be surprised however to find out that similar to a size of 1.200 soccer fields (!) of these roofs are empty spaces. Everybody can profit from the sun, so why not all roofs in Amsterdam? Lower your energy costs while helping Amsterdam make a positive contribution towards a sustainable future. It is not only good for our planet but also for your own wallet, as it has a higher return profit than a savings account.

Hello Sunshine is a platform for solar energy in Amsterdam initiated by the municipality of Amsterdam and Amsterdam Smart City. Through their quick scan Hello Sunshine aims to notify people about the possibilities to get or share solar panels.

Hello Sunshine helps Amsterdam with the implementation of solar energy. The online quick-scan informs roof owners about the opportunities regarding solar panels and about the grants available to realize their project. People without a roof are not forgotten either, with the ‘share-energy’ button roof owners can share their collected solar energy with people without a roof. This way, solar energy is available for everybody!

Currently 125.000 solar panels are installed on Amsterdam roofs. Hello Sunshine has over 60.000 under contract and over 200.000 in the pipeline.
Hello Sunshine is looking for citizens with and without a roof, housing corporations with accommodations in Amsterdam and companies with empty roofs. Contact the team of Hello Sunshine  for more information or visit the website to do the quick-scan.
Hello Sunshine wants to achieve a quantity of 1 million solar panels on roofs in Amsterdam.
Want to try it yourself?
Do you want to have solar panels on your roof or use solar energy from another roof?
Bernard Klaassen
Marketing Manager at Amsterdamse Zoncoalitie
"There is no possible reason not to inspect the opportunities of solar energy for individuals and companies."
Partners involved in this project:
City of Amsterdam / Zoncoalitie / Amsterdam Smart City
Hello Sunshine / Zoncoalitie